Manufacturing Capability

This is a brief look at how Taiwan Precision Parts  / Shen Yang Precision Co. Ltd of Taiwan   work flow runs along with additional information on our machines and the  Minimum Tolerance that we can achieve. If your require additional information on our company or our services please feel free to contact us.


CNC Machines : 43 sets

Machine Center   : 3 sets


Centerless Grinding Machines : 2 sets

Automatic Robotic Arms :12 sets


View of Production Line:

Minimum Tolerance that we can achieve:

Straightness    0.002mm     Position    0.01mm
Roundness    0.005mm   Concentricity    0.05mm
Cylindricity    0.005mm   Symmetry    0.05mm
Parallelism    0.005mm   Circular runout    0.02mm
Perpendicularity    0.005mm   Diameter    0.01mm
      Length    0.02mm

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Our Factory

Shen Yang Precision Co. Ltd / Taiwan Precision Parts since  1990. Serving customers worldwide.  Taiwan Precision Parts is a certified ISO 9001 Manufacturing Company.
From single parts to custom full production runs we provide quality time after time. Please contact us for any question you may have on custom precision parts manufacturing.

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